The year is 2046. Facebook has added a feature to collect your blood in real time. Twitter is owned by Richard Spencer, and I still forget to use Mastodon regularly in my sub-nautical home.

How's Mastodon doing is it more than just tootbot and Garfield yet

Cute girl at work I have a crush on: Hey Scott can I use your phone I need the calculator
Me swiping away all tinder notifications: Sure

Took mushrooms for Oh Sees and they didn't work. I'm fuckin pissed

Mayoral Candidate came to the door, asked who I was gonna vote fore and I said "Is this the guy who told city council they were failing us about the minimum wage?" "Yep"
"Then him"

Fargo is a good show.
That is all.
Oh and season 2 is totally my aesthetic

CW: Sexual Assault/Mad Men Spoilers 

@YouCaughtScott There's loads of other things that go into this (I got into a lot of fights with both men and women over this topic) but it really boils down to people seeing marriage as a sort of business transaction. "I married you and provide you with shelter/emotional support/etc., therefore you provide me with sex when I want it." Fucked up all around, and it's gonna take lots of work for that kind of thinking to be undone.

Hey remember when Americans shit their pants cause there were missiles planned for Cuba and completely ignored the fact that America had missile silos in Turkey and Italy and the Russians had every right to plant missiles equally as far?

CW: Sexual Assault/Mad Men Spoilers 

Mad Men has a lot of fucked up shit in it but the worst part is when Joan's husband rapes her in Don's office. Its fucking uncomfortable and guess what. It happens a lot more than you think

Is it just me or is Mastodon lowering in activity.
It may just be me cause everyone's moving instances an awful bunch

Waiting for my friend to finish pooping so we can go eat foodstuffs

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