I want to ask you all to donate to Edson Thevenin’s family. The Troy, NY police department unlawfully took Edson’s life. He was a father and husband. I’ll spare you the details of the case because the truth has yet to be discovered. The officer’s story does not match the evidence... or logic. This GoFundMe has been up since 2016 and has still not raised its goal.

Thank you in advance for your generosity


Stop saying all cops are bastards.

how many times a day are you people going to say it?

We get it.

Focus on Blk folks. Share paypal/GFM links

share sites

Bail funds. Share. Mother fuckers out here on this site got fucking MONEYYYYY no one should care abt ACAB we fuckin knew that from the jump

say something, share something I dont fuckin know

I hope it isn't completely lost on the public that they get to witness these events from a safe distance because of a press whose members have taken sizable pay cuts and had workloads increased due to layoffs over the last two months and who are being tear gassed and shot at too.

We need a term stronger than bootlicker for people that blame a child for being at a protest for getting maced and not the fucking pig that maced a god damn kid. At that point I just don't think bootlicker cuts it anymore.

“ Wearing personal protective equipment, participants covered sidewalks and streets with chalk outlines of human figures and political messages such as “Evictions = Death” and “Cancel the Rents.” Neighbors watched curiously from their front porches and windows. The target of the artistic protest and owner of the condo was San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore. On May 11, Gore announced that he would resume evictions on May 27 despite the COVID-19 crisis.”


I have a bunch of friends in Minnesota so from my non-mastodon social media I am witnessing white people who are more heartbroken about the property damage in Minneapolis because of riots and looting than they are about the cops murdering a person for no reason.

Heartbroken is the word they're using, about Auto Zone and Wendy's. Shit they wouldn't be that sad about an actual lady named Wendy dying unless she was white.

They want peace. They want things to go back to normal.

We have work to do

Seriously, several friends have lost their shit when I told them that Michelin and Michelin were the same goddamn thing


radicalizing my sister through the failures of electoralism

that iconic King Kong character we all know and love

the line in the young thousands by the mountain goats "There's someone waiting out there in an alley with a chain" is about joe biden trying to kill corn pop outside the swimming pool with a chain


Our entire economy is dependent upon the exploitation of labor in the periphery but people will say Marx isn't relevant to modern day because there isn't an iphone factory in America, lol (and also they've never read Marx)

I’m always seeing other people on there, like, watch pulp fiction or alien or whatever and say “you know what it still holds up” but garf is the only one brave enough to be the second person to log “Blind Man Goes To War” and give it 1/2 a star

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The context here is that the Staten Island’s St Patrick’s Day parade is the only one left out of the 5 boroughs that still doesn’t let lgbt groups/people march; also this so wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago- it’s wild and hopeful to see my home island changing, even in small and goofy ways

a lot of people preach love and respect for their trans siblings, so please turn those words into actions and support my top surgery fund. PLEASE boost this and if you can donate, please do. i’m beyond desperate.


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