Little Caesar was fed on a diet consisting nothing but Hot and Ready Pizza and Crazy Bread all for $8, has grown to 600 lbs, and now goes by just Caesar

Me and my girlfriend roleplay as a technical support assistant and a disgruntled baby boomer. It always gets her in the mood when i tell her to turn it off and on again

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video games as a hobby: can enjoy totally from the comfort of your own home without leaving, depressing

other things as a hobby: not depressing, sometimes have to leave the house


Anyone else jaded of porn? why look at two people having sex when you can listen to vanessa carlton's a thousand miles, alternatively.

The hit song from Toy Story 1 "You've got a friend in me" was inspired by a vore fanfiction where Buzz Lightyear and Woody consume opposite ends of Slinky Dog, meeting in the middle al a Lady and the Tramp

I got a cute anime gf, but I soon knew I fucked up.

"S-senpai!~ Why are your bedsheets so HARD?"

And it was then the dakimakura fell out of my closet.

OH YAAAS QUEEN, SLAY THEM. No not literally. Don't slay those cops at pride, or the fashies they're protecting. Nope. Not even a little.

Oh by the way, vote for Mayor Pete! He's gay, and that's all you need to know about him :)

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Pokémon fusion, sexy Magikarp cosplay, a Speedo 

Elon Musk is so ansynd, he transcends labor unions, yo. I mean, he outright fucking bans them in his presence.

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adding a new revision! i don't like "he" anymore so pls do "they" or "she" :)


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