Enough reminiscing. I will leave this place. I suggest you do the same.

The next time we meet, you're mine. Just you wait.

"The world has lost all its colors and its brightness." You said that at that time.

I see... Then we'll activate the dimensional transfer system. You may go between the worlds as you like.

And you've always been logical, haven't you? ...I mean, gloomy.

...O-oh, okay. If Martel says so, then let's do that.

I don't need a lecture from you to know that!

But dark and repulsive feelings still linger on this planet. You know them well...

... Thank you for returning my ring. Farewell.

How does it feel to have your own son reject you like that?

But Altessa is not well enough to move. Who is going to craft the Ring of the Pact?

It is true that there are pure and beautiful things on this planet, but those that are dark and repulsive far outnumber them.

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