I'll show you the difference of our strength.

Am I wrong? Or... do you think that Mithos is right?

We're an underground resistance dedicated to fighting the Desians...or rather, the Cruxis.

Do you intend to have us explain everything? How about using your own head a little.

... I can't afford to let him look cool all by himself, either.

Silence! Do you think we'll pass up this opportunity?!

It's Mithos! He's sealed off the route to Derris-Kharlan!

Back when we lost Martel, you and Mithos and I despaired for the future. No one stopped Mithos.

As I recall, fandalias are flowers that take root even in the mountains.

Once you release all of your mana, Origin will be unsealed.

But then, when Derris-Kharlan arrived to rain down its centennial bounty on the land, mankind betrayed him.

The ranch and Mana Cannon systems should be interlinked. Disabling the control room should be our first priority.

Take even his decision to split the world in two. His aim was to shield all life from extinction.

...If what Kratos says is true, then Sylvarant will be consumed and destroyed by the Great Seed.

Before the mana links started to disappear, we planned to have Rodyle destroy the Tower of Salvation.

It was a choice made with the noblest of intentions.

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