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Yukari 🍉ゆかり丼Peerless✅ @Yukari@mastodon.social

I've been struggling, and feeling like crying under a blanket, and remembered this from Brene Brown (Sorry if this comes across like an ad for her book. It's not.)


@LynnLamb Cool. I've used their free stuff myself...I'm going to check it out though. Thanks for letting me know :)

@LynnLamb Thank you! No, I haven't looked into Creative Market yet...maybe it's time to try. you?

Currently I'm smack in the middle of work, but once this is all done I will have space to take on new projects. If you wanna work with me, or want me to help you with a project - please let me know! Thank you.

Day 76/100
Happy Father’s day to all the dads, uncles, brothers and other father figures. I think of my dad every day. Miss you dad.

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第12回 セレブの死から考える メンタルヘルスと「弱さ」をさらけだす勇気  

bit.ly/Ep12-mentalhealt …

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