Reminder, being angry is a valuable emotion that tells you it is time to change what you have been doing and act in your and other people’s interest to feel happy

Roe v Wade has been overturned. Here’s what this will mean

Millions of women are now less free than men, in the functioning of their own bodies and in the paths of their own lives

love too live in a free and fair democracy where a council of 9 unelected leaders enact profoundly unpopular policies

Broke the screen on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Just cosmetic, everything still works. Will look at repairing it later. In the meantime, I bought a Google Pixel 5a and flashed Lineage to it and I've got to say.. I've missed the headphone jack.

I wonder why my front panel USB doesn't work?

... oh.

If the software mostly works
You must ship it
Bug reporter only lurks
You must ship it
Schedule made up by jerks
You must ship it

Now ship it
Into prod
Check it out
Merge done
Try to test it
It's not too bad
Now ship it
Ship it good

Who we are in this moment, is just a snapshot in time.

You can make yourself into whomever you want to be.

Our past shaped us to this moment, but you have the opportunity to shape your future self into the ideal person you want to be.

Take time to think things through; never stop learning; never stop realizing you're human and you're going to err; give yourself a chance to learn from every moment.

Don't let hate, ignorance, fear dictate your future self.

Can I just say I am LOVING all the new folks! I already enjoyed Mastodon, but everyone coming in has brought such new life and info and the energy is just so amazing.

<3 :-D

Windows XP on @PINE64 #PineNote

While it can be your Linux e-reader, it can't be your Windows emulator. 😛

Food / Vegan 

spent a good part of my afternoon making some delicious food :blob_smile_hearts:

my wife said "you look so happy when you're cooking, it's good to see you have the energy to do things you love" :blob_melt_sob_love:

Oh em gee, look at the prettiness coming to my "problematic" first computer love! Back in the day (mid-80s++) I wouldn't have believed it possible. Most games used had bad colour clash or character-cell-based movement or used only four colours in the "active" area...

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