Going to be finishing the red strings club game this afternoon. Probably with a couple of cold ones too 🍻

It seems like Freenode did a sloppy job with hijacking and we managed to hijack it back. I'm sure it'll be short-lived but this is still quite glorious.

A world made of #FreeSoftware is possible. A world without is not.

We thank all the #FOSS contributors that power the world around us, we thank you for fixing bugs, building and testing features and writing translations.

Free Software is the future, and we are proud to empower its #development.

Men will literally work as a janitor at MIT instead of going to therapy

Celebrate with us: currently 3.500 apps are available in the F-Droid main repo, yay! 🍾🍹

brokeback mountain was about the forbidden love between an emacs user and a vim user

"i don't know how to quit you"

i just bought this energy drink from the convenience store today because it looks a bit off.

Going to be doing the promised game stream here in a bit, maybe start with some mind numbing hot lava?

Will do a game stream tomorrow had too much fun messing with elementaryOS πŸ˜‹

Going to be doing a stream of an elementaryOS install on my laptop and then maybe some games later :blobcat: twitch.tv/zactherippertwitch

So do Bill and Melinda split the vaxxed 5G mind-control followers 50/50 or what?

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