If you are a decent human being you should have felt anger, outrage,sadness & helplessness when you heard about just as you should when you found out about .
Rape is rape. No ifs and buts, no exceptions. Empathy is universal!

Why do some thepla packets come with instead of ? Why?? WHY?? 😒

We took mummy to play video games and she fought with us for her turn at every game!

‪Politicians (irrespective of party) that propagate religion are devoid of policy.

Terrorist is now a patriot, Terror accused is now a MP. Rapists are in the hospital, Victim is in the jail. Lynchers are out on bail, Murdered mans family is now accused.
Kya changa si?

BJP talking about ideological differences between and , could you please explain the ideological similarity between and ?

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So pro BJP handles are trending . Why dint they swear him in as the CM at 5.47 on the 23rd?

Keeping an eye on our democracy stands a statue of Gandhiji outside parliament.
Inside a accused proclaims the terrorist who murdered Gandhi is a patriot. Irony that is now India.

Congress, NCP and SS MUST thank BJP for solidifying an alliance that otherwise wouldn’t have survived.

is a great show and I bet many are watching and squirming.

I don’t want Fadnavis to resign. I want him to continue exposing BJP till floor test and lose on the floor of the house. Meanwhile will be washed clean of all cases.

Meanwhile no action on prices, distress, dwindling , or lockdown. Why? Because the government is busy shopping for MLAs in . But what’s ’s excuse?

in = we have the numbers to form government.
Also Mukul Rohatgi in = don’t make us prove our numbers in a floor test.

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