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Google's AI-research arm forms an group to explore the impact of

"is expected to grow to around 25 people over the coming year.

The team will focus on six areas:

1. , & ;
2. economic impacts;
3. and ;
4. managing ;
5. and ;
6. address "

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", No Longer , Begin to Take Shape

At times, the story of the seasteading movement seems to lapse into self parody, but there are now companies, academics, architects and even a government working together on a by #2020."

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(Ref. the existing discussions about editing toots.)

I particularly miss the option to add/remove/correct/edit the in existing toots. Perhaps at least as (?). That would help organising and reusing content, taking this platform to the next level.

Autonomic is a tech co-op that just announced “Co-Op Cloud”:

“using existing open standards to build a catalogue of apps, & a CLI client to read the catalogue and deploy those apps”

Co-op Cloud docs

Food sovereignty has different meanings in the global north and south. Great to see the organizing in Guatemala to start an OFN instance.

ORFC Global 2021 Workshop

The Open Food Network (OFN) is a global community of people who are passionate about supporting communities to build short food supply chains and resilient food systems that address the needs of all beings. One of the services provided by this community is a platform co-op providing an open source IT infrastructure enabling new, ethical supply chains.

OFN has been deployed In 19 countries by farmers, growers and community food enterprises...

🚨 Semi-urgent question regarding real project 🚨

You have co-developed an index of data on public projects that are aiming to make life-on-earth less bad. Your aim is to grow connections and networks to accelerate positive change ☮️

You want to give sympathetic projects and mappers access to the data; you want to restrict, as far as possible, commercial users profiting (e.g. targeted ads) without contributing 🕵️

What do you do? Explanations and boosts welcome! 👍

Congratulations to @mario and the Hubzilla project for receiving an @NGIZero grant!

These funds will help with the transition to Zot6 protocol ahead of Hubzilla 5.0 release and subsequent enhancements to the interface and overall user experience.

NLnet Foundation
Hubzilla Project Plan 2020/2021

#Hubzilla #Zot #Privacy #Fediverse #CMS #OpenWebAuth #NomadicIdentity

The [NULL] numberplate from Hell [CA] “The idea was I’d get VOID for my wife’s car, so our driveway would be NULL and VOID,” Tartaro says." [via Wired Mag.] 

The #NULL #numberplate from Hell [CA]

"In late 2016, Tartaro decided to get a vanity license plate. A security researcher by trade, he ticked down possibilities that related to his work: SEGFAULT, maybe, or something to do with vulnerabilities. Sifting through his options, he started typing “null pointer,” but caught himself after the first word: NULL. #Funny. “The idea was I’d get #VOID for my wife’s car, so our driveway would be NULL and VOID,” Tartaro says."


"That first year as a NULL driver was uneventful. But when it came time to renew in 2017, the DMV website no longer accepted NULL as an option. “It broke the website,” Tartaro says. Specifically, the site told him that the license plate and vehicle identification number he had entered, known as the VIN, were invalid. But Tartaro was still able to use a reference number to renew. He didn’t think much more of it.

He also didn’t think much of the ticket he got in early 2018, for not having the appropriate registration sticker on his license plate. Tartaro suspects someone scraped it off to use on their own car. He thought about fighting it, but the fine was only $35, so he decided to just pay it and move on with his life.

Then came the citations. Dozens of them, deposited in bulk to his mailbox. Parking violations, stand-stop violations, fines of $37, $60, $74, $80, from Fresno to Rancho Cucamonga. “I’ve never been to Fresno,” Tartaro says of the California city. Nor had Tartaro gone on a statewide, parking-related crime spree. Instead, by paying that $35 ticket, it appears that a database somewhere now associated NULL with his personal information. Which means that any time a traffic cop forgot to fill in the license plate number on a citation, the fine automatically got sent to Joseph Tartaro."

Great to stumble across - adding democratic governance features within software for communities, based on principles from Elinor Ostrom.

It's the same approach we are taking with @karrot.

Haven't read the paper yet...

Google Has a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree - New certificate program takes only six months to complete, and will be a fraction of the cost of college but will it carry a similar weight? See

>Marcel Fratzscher, Präsident Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung e.V. (DIW Berlin), in der ZEIT ONLINE ( über das Pilotprojekt Grundeinkommen

via Pilotprojekt Grundeinkommen (

#bge #grundeinkommen

upon having used fediverse for A While, advice 

Here's our advice in the context of the fediverse as an imperfect social network:

*) Always boost aid requests.
- Someone will meet their need
- the spot on your feed may make that connection
= even if you or your immediate friends cannot.

*) Use unfollow, mute, and filters for mental health.
- does it spark joy?
- prune your follow feed for your own needs
- remember you can mute people
- you can also unfollow someone's boosts

*) Remember to play nice when among friends.
- conflicting access needs run rampant among those who have experienced trauma
- kindness is distinct from lack of consequences for being a consistently shitty person
- be gentle with callouts
- be honest about your own actions
= be mindful of the spoon-cost and fork-inducement of your asks.

Be yourself.
Be willing to change.
Be willing to apologize.

Be careful,
this network is unencrypted,
and the admin sees everything.

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Let children read whatever they want and then talk about it with them. If parents and kids can talk together, we won't have as much censorship because we won't have as much fear. - Judy Blume

So say you’re pricing an online subscription at €5 (VAT inclusive) in the EU. You’re breaking the law because you’re actually charging different prices for different countries with different VAT rates (from €4.35 to €3.94 for 15%-27% VAT)… ain’t the Single Market a gas?

Summaries of relevant law:

This picture is not as good, but I think it will do for my purposes. #openfoodnetwork

"Hyperscalers [like #Facebook] have the same criteria of success as cancers. -- Why do you want to replicate #hyperscalers in Europe?"

Watch this invaluable rant of @aral in front of the European Parliament.

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