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Google's AI-research arm forms an group to explore the impact of

"is expected to grow to around 25 people over the coming year.

The team will focus on six areas:

1. , & ;
2. economic impacts;
3. and ;
4. managing ;
5. and ;
6. address "

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", No Longer , Begin to Take Shape

At times, the story of the seasteading movement seems to lapse into self parody, but there are now companies, academics, architects and even a government working together on a by #2020."

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(Ref. the existing discussions about editing toots.)

I particularly miss the option to add/remove/correct/edit the in existing toots. Perhaps at least as (?). That would help organising and reusing content, taking this platform to the next level.

CIA tipped off the Apartheid Regime as to whereabouts of Nelson Mandela in 1962. This lead to his arrest, and 27 years in prison.

🎥 I was interviewed (among a long list of creators) for "Leaving the frame", a movie/documentary project about artists who work with free and open license. I met the @lentcine team when I was in Paris and spent an afternoon with them. I enjoyed sharing time with them as we share a common passion for Free Libre and Open Source content creation.

To finish the movie, the team collects right now a budget. Here is a link to contribute and help this project to be a reality:

F.D.R. Proposes a Second Bill of Rights: A Decent Job, Education & Health Care Will Keep Us Free from Despotism (1944)

I'm a moderator in this chat group about all things coop related.

The #coop movement should build an ecosystem of social media groups, blogs, youtube channels and email lists that are interlinked and help people around the world to connect.

#SocialCoop is a great example of exactly that.

"The Matilda Effect": How Pioneering Women Scientists Have Been Denied Recognition and Written Out of Science History

Harvard Course on Positive Psychology.

Watch 30 Lectures from the University’s Extremely Popular Course

Probably the most useful tool I've ever learned to tackle a structural group problem is to brainstorm all the things that could be done and then organize them in 'low effort / high effort', 'low impact / high impact'.

Then do the 'high impact / low effort' things first, followed by 'low impact / low effort'.
Use the energy and momentum from those small successes for the 'high impact / high effort' things and just skip the 'low impact high effort' pitfalls.

example in next post

#WeCo, a #platformcoop social media is offering a community grant for #SocialCoop.

We donate 1$/week for every Social Coop user who has made a post to WeCo that week.

20 users who post there at least once a week would mean over 1000$ extra funds for Social Coop a year. This can provide better pay for developers.

It can be about anything - sharing a link to a funny video, good song, interesting article.

Please volunteer here:

Join WeCo here:


Yeah that's a good idea. Have some ideas for the reading group collaboration between #SocialCoop and #WeCo, let's hope that gets people interested.

We are not part of the Fediverse unfortunately. If there is someone who would/could make us part of it I'm sure it would be worth considering. Not sure if that's possible, as we are not decentralised.

Anyway, if #SocialCoop needs to raise more funds to pay devs more, #WeCo Community Grant provides an easy way to do so :)

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