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", No Longer , Begin to Take Shape

At times, the story of the seasteading movement seems to lapse into self parody, but there are now companies, academics, architects and even a government working together on a by #2020."

Do you agree that #DeltaChat is finally #maturetech ?

(It is a chat interface on top of a normal email (IMAP) account with automatic encryption; a decentralized and potentially self-hostable alternative to #telegram #signal #whatsapp etc.)

#smalltech #encryption #opensource #ITsecurity #zafespace #MOMOC4

Screenshots & resources:

How Big Tech (Oil and Pharma) Charms and Bullies European Politicians, Journalists and Academics under the guise of furthering research - Transparency is long overdue


Noyb is a European campaign group which defends people's privacy. You can follow them at:

➡️ @noybeu

Noyb's focus is on fighting privacy violations by companies and corporations.

You can find out more from their website at

(In case you're wondering, Noyb stands for "none of your business".)

#Noyb #Privacy #NGOs #NGO #Activism

We teamed up with 5 ethical tech companies to offer sustainable alternatives, like renting a fair smartphone (, selecting a responsible operator ( & using an OS that respects your privacy ( 👉

“…what has also brought us together is the love we have for pluralistic and decolonial knowledge and the region that we still call home, because of our very own heritage, memories, and families who still live there.

With that in mind, we are committed to work and help nurture an academic environment that is more rooted in friendship, equity and solidarity, rather than one that is geared towards corporate competitiveness, benchmarks and matrixes.”

Love this.

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Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

The New New is a space to explore our digital futures and reimagine current systems & practices. Rather than focusing on techno-solutionist narratives or technology’s economic opportunities, social values are at the heartof the discussion. We love it! 💜 ✨ 👇

NYCers have a new ridehailing alternative to Uber: The Drivers Cooperative is a driver-owned, app-based ride-hailing service that pays drivers more, charges riders less, and pays out any profits to driver-owners as periodic dividends.

Platform cooperativism is a powerful antidote to app-based gig work: a way to provide customers with the convenience that made app-based services so popular while putting workers in control of their days, schedules and conditions.


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3) I am interested because this model seems to be part of a larger move to develop two-tiered organizations with a worker cooperative public face and a VC back-end. The Drivers Cooperative, in NYC, is registered also as EVA Drive, suggesting they are part of EVA, but they don't mention this anywhere.

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Trying to understand Eva Coop.

1. The platform is based on EOSio, an open source blockchain platform. The Eva Coop platform itself is open source: The franchisees are worker-consumer co-ops who own their individual franchises but pay eva global for using the platform in addition to platform dev/admin, hosting, and some kind of management services. Why don't worker co-op members own the platform?

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2) Eva Global used to be a non-profit, but they switched to a private corp so they could raise capital. So, what is to prevent sale of EVA global to another company or group of investors? If drivers are dependent on a complicated blockchain-based platform that they don't own, and it is difficult if not impossible to switch to another platform or fork it and run their own, then is it fair to say they own the means of production?

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There is a game theory scenario I keep coming back to, because I feel it is so often experienced when nice people are trying to coordinate around slight preferences.

Unfortunately, it was initially coined as 'Battle of the Sexes', imagining a hetero couple where the guy wants to watch boxing and the girl ballet 😴

Since the early 90's, people have instead been calling it 'Bach or Stravinsky'.

Should I move the wikipedia page? Anyone got advice on doing that?

In other news today:

- AliBaba Browser sends all data from iOS and Android users to corporate servers. Even in incognito mode. Nothing suspicious here, carry on .

- Stack Overflow is going to be sold a faceless conglomerate for 1.8B US$.

- EU is going to introduce a Digital ID Card. What could possibly go wrong? 🤷‍♂️

{h/t to Slashdot)

It's interesting that just three decades after Pripyat was abandoned because of the Chernobyl disaster, the forest has already reclaimed the city.

Don't let anyone convince you that reforestation is difficult. It'll happen all by itself, if people allow it to.

Amazon had sales income of €44bn in Europe in 2020 but paid no corporation tax

Our tiny not-for-profit based in Ireland pays tax at the full rate. Meanwhile, Bezos doesn’t know what to do with his money and we don’t know if we can pay the rent next year.

In this article on FLoC, the Firefox folks are quoted as saying “defaults matter.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So why’s Google your default search engine when you purport to protect privacy, Mozilla? (Surely it’s not the ~$0.5 billion they pay you every year.)

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