- 's first female : "Sahle-Work Zewde (Amharic: ሳህለወርቅ ዘውዴ, born 21 February 1950)" - "She was elected president unanimously by members of the Federal Parliamentary Assembly on 25 October 2018."


#robots #ai #future #perspective - "A World Without Work: 6 Scenarios" 

#DNA #CRISPR #science - "Scientists Have Invented an Awesome New CRISPR Method That 'Skips' Over Gene Sections" 

#ai #F4iA - "Can data reveal the saddest number one song ever?" 

"Researchers Successfully Put Bioengineered Lungs Into Pigs - D-brief"

In some cases, the bioengineered lungs stayed healthy and viable for months.



So the honorable advanced along his journey exactly on the π ("Pi") day which also happens to be the of

ReTooting this nice one from "s_synadj" at the birdsite today:

"π Happy Pi Day π ! Happy 139th Birthday to ! RIP , who left us early this morning. You'd have to be pretty irrational to not celebrate "

(Illustrations from that original tweet.)
Ref. twitter.com/s_cynandj/status/9

Plus a cool π cake from the "NobelPrize" account at the birdsite, too. Ref. twitter.com/NobelPrize/status/

"New Research Suggests Ripple Is Even More Centralized Than Previously Thought" - Bitcoin News

"Critics have taken aim at XRP for years, claiming that Ripple exerts an unprecedented degree of control over transactions, something the company has always denied."



I am getting increasingly annoyed with having to "favourite" toots that I merely want to or check out later, just because of the lacking in / /(*clients?).

How many people mistakenly / subconciously think that this situation of misusing "favouriting" (in lack of proper options) indicates "agreeing"/"cheering" or the like?


Ripple to cooperate with-Moneygram:

"(..) and this is exactly what the developers of want to and develop. is not going to use the itself, but rather, the structure connected with it"



- What kills most americans per year?

- Armed ? (21)
- ? (31)
- ? (69)
- Home-brewed or immigrated ? (9)
- Hit by a ? (264)
- Falling out of ? (737)
- Shot by Fellow ? (11737)


What is your "NQ"? :-)

"How are you… and can you blame your ? – quiz

If you’re brutish and promiscuous it could be your ancestors’ fault, says Ben Ambridge"



"Liberty to invest £700m in new 'green steel' strategy."

"Steel-maker Liberty House is about to launch a massive green investment campaign as it looks to quadruple production capacity."



"Bitcoin Account Holder Loses $100K Over Public Wireless Network

An unidentified 36-year-old man who owns a account has lost more than 100,000 euros ($117,000) worth of Bitcoins while he was logged in on a public in a restaurant in , ."



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