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@sikkdays Fully agree.

Also changing the software of a car should require physical access. It is irresponsible that this can be done remotely.

It would also be nice if PC makers would add a hardware switch for data/archiving hard disks.

How about a law that says any device with a camera and/or mic is required to have a hardware switch to turn it on and off.

Now doing something far more common in my experience: coding on a Friday night. So close to getting standalone executable binaries for Indie Web Server to a place I’m happy with after numerous re-writes over the last week. Imagine a static web server taking seconds to set up.

social network theory / deep take 

This very grim outlook on ethics in AI by Professor Metzinger is a must read and reminds me a lot of the debate @aral is having for some time now about the distinction between "ethical design" and "surveillance capitalism decoration".

"The Trustworthy AI story is a marketing narrative invented by industry. [...] Hence the Trustworthy AI narrative is, in reality, about developing future markets and using ethics debates as elegant public decorations for a large-scale investment strategy [...].

We are in a rapid historical transition that is taking place at many levels simultaneously. The window of opportunity within which we can control the future of AI will close in a few years' time."

Looking for FLOSS tools to support Buurtzorg style social care cooperative operations.

'People are dying' ‘This is not an elitist issue’: Ocasio-Cortez delivers a fiery speech on climate inaction

Codecademy vs. The BBC Micro - The Story of why the BBC Marketed its own microcomputer and maybe there are lessons for us in how they educated the UK public back in the 1980's

Why Socrates Hated Democracies: An Animated Case for Why Self-Government Requires Wisdom & Education

"Both China and the United States are constructing surveillance states on an unprecedented scale, with horrifying implications. Both empower modern-day monopolies whose platforms, hardware, software, and apps are the infrastructure of modern political, economic, and social life — infrastructure that is not subject to democratic control."

Self-host all you can.

Sent off first draft of a new series on popular education facilitation for #RodoJoho #労働情報 - the idea is to publish a series of participatory learning activities that people can try out and critique/improve for use in Japanese worker organizations.


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