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"Under Pressure" was so powerful that the government established an entire bureau to prevent it from happening again.

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Here's a book of early Macintosh b&w art.
The art in this book is kind of a trip. archive.org/details/mac_Zen_th

(Among other things, this makes physical storage much easier, and keeps your scanner from getting crapped-up.)

You can buy fixative spray for things like charcoals, pastels and very soft pencils.
Or you can do what I do and use super-extra-hold Aquanet or Suave, which is dirt-cheap and easy to get.

So how many of y'all have watched GLOW? Because there's one specific portion of it that really fascinates me as character work.

They're like a really smooth charcoal stick that doesn't get on your fingers. So good.

Me on here: Look at my dumb shirts.
Me on Twitter: Put me on the no-fly list you cowards. Death to capitalism. [incomprehensible swearing]

Renaissance painters as furry artists

Michelangelo: Exclusively draws plantigrade beefcake. Does exactly two commissions a year and the same guy gets three of them somehow

Da Vinci: Commission backlog a mile long, half of them labeled as in-progress. Gamedev side-project that never goes anywhere. Gets banned from Furaffinity

Albrecht Durer: Draws mind-blowing pro-quality illustrations but only posts them to Tumblr and buries them in a million meme shitposts

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Sometimes, Twitter stops being a howling maelstrom of human garbage for a a brief second as a single diamond appears. twitter.com/xHajii/status/9660