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I think about this at least once a week.

Been navigating my relationship with the late-90s while trying to write something.

Is there a long German word for when someone talks about joining Mastodon while you've spent all week posting anthro art and talking about hot robots?

And they didn't do a great job on the math. Had to take community college classes to compensate.

Well, the math and "don't be alone with a cop".

I had to spend years unlearning everything middle and high school taught me except for the math.

boost this toot if you may contain payload instabilities that are consistent with TYPE 6 AURAHAZARDS

A new and intriguing item has found its way into our library this evening.... suricrasia.online/library/

*sits awkwardly in backwards chair* You know, when you think about it, Jesus' teachings were the first memes-


I may scan this and use it as an avi. It can be read as slightly suggestive OR very passive-aggressive. Extremely useful.

“local mall bi‌tc‌oi‌n atm emblazoned with multiple types of fraud warning” is a powerfully 2018 æsthetic

Doctor, doctor
Give me the news
I got an
Unworn pair of baby shoes

*deliberately saying "ooh-wooo" with a repulsive amount of enunciation*

GOG store front page: "Stylish visual novels, DRM free"

Now that's some comfy shade