I think that a lot of early internet stuff like Geocities was (and is) actually very conceptually sound. Mostly, the issue was being corporate-run when nobody knew what the hell to actually use the internet for. FOSS riffs like Neocities aren't just appealing because of retro nostalgia. They actually function and don't feel like everything everyone hates about commercial social media and Reddit.

It's nice to, for instance, have a discrete forum, structured and operated like forums used to be, and talk to a community of people without dealing with the screaming hell panopticon of Twitter or... just everything... about FB. Or Reddit.

Mostly these "web 1.0" concepts are considered "dead" because they don't lend themselves to the horrible abuses of analytics and data sales that we've come to accept from the likes of FB, and to a lesser, more incompetent degree, Twitter. They use an old model of advertising-as-support. They use a model which, not incidentally, could be easily replaced with existing crowdfunding platforms.


Something to think about as we all lament the maliciousness of FB, the glaring incompetency and likely doom of Twitter, crypto-fascists organizing on Reddit. We have 20 years of solid conceptual development to draw from and carve our spaces out with.

@Zero_Democracy Crypto-fascists on Reddit? Reddit's been kicking them out and removing their structures.

@Zero_Democracy Could be; not familiar with that one.

But what would prevent them from doing their own Web 1.0 thing? In fact, in corners of the darkweb, that's kind of what they do already.

@jankoekepan Absolutely nothing, besides the fact that they tend to be terrible people who can't cooperate. Look at that happened with the Traditionalist Worker Party leadership. There are tons of terrible Mastodon instances, for example. Which we all instance-block and never think about again. Then they gutter out into one or two people posting about being cool for school all day.

@jankoekepan And KIA, the gamergate subreddit, is in fact still up. The message there is that fascism is fine as long as you sufficiently wrap it up in fetishized culture war.

@Zero_Democracy I may be more precise in my definition of fascism, because I'm educated in (among other things) political economics. So perhaps what you call fascism I'd call a more generic reactionary authoritarian movement?

@jankoekepan Doesn't help that GG turned out to be full of Nazis, as do most "reactionary authoritarian movements".

Sure, but I think that you may be confusing cause and symptom. Birds of a feather flock together, so it's no surprise that you'll find more nazi-wannabes at a discussion about, say, the corruption of affirmative action programmes, than a cannabis legalisation workshop. There were plenty of people in the whole gamergate thing who had nothing against jews, homosexuals or gypsies but had gripes about political correctness and media corruption (correct or not).

@Zero_Democracy Oh. I think that I still see some of them, because I'm on a couple of free speech instances.

Seeing both sides, I don't think that they squabble any more nor less than the hard left. They certainly have their gradations.

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