The "rich people reinventing basic public services" genre gets less funny when you realize they mean privately-run versions that can exclude undesirables.

They aren't reinventing trains and busses and libraries because they're pod people. They're subtracting the idea of default public entitlement to those services.

@jankoekepan @Zero_Democracy

Sorry if we take offense to our surplus value being robbed from us for the sake of exclusive luxury carriages that neither we nor our children will ever be able to afford.

Eat the rich.

@vroom @jankoekepan @Zero_Democracy Oh, it's more than that. Theres the possibility of them making their services, then getting the public versions diminished and eventually discontinued - effectively privatizing them. And I like my local libraries and do not want to see them privatized. -_-

@Angle @jankoekepan @Zero_Democracy definitely.
The subscription model needed to subsidize self driving tech keeps it out of the public sphere, with the rich investing in fancy chariots anyone who relies on buses will find less and less service.

@brandon Seeing the CEO of Stripe theorizing about "spotify for books" (replacing libraries) was what instigated my articulating it, but it applies to pretty much everything in that vein, in particular a lot of what Elon Musk spouts off about, Uber floating bus services etc.

@Zero_Democracy I guess the thing about undesirables is that people, by definition, don't want to be around them if they don't have to.

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