I'll always be amazed that they made the process of copying magnetic media for your nerd friends look cool as hell.

@Zero_Democracy that cassette tape and crossbones would be an awesome band logo

The tape-and-crossbones is legit an amazing piece of graphic design, and completely unintentional. Wild.

For completely unintentional reasons, anyway. And telling teenagers and phone phreakers that giving floppies to each other is equivalent to like boosting a car is *definitely* going to be a deterrent. Yeah.

@Zero_Democracy aw dang the impulse to turn that into a vinyl sticker is INTENSE

@sashakovich I cannot imagine anyone would be in a position to claim copyright on it at this point.

@Zero_Democracy I'm way too dang lazy to sell that sorta thing, I just like making it.

@koyu @Zero_Democracy @moonman those are quickly becoming a collector's item, imho. If I had a cassette player, I'd totally buy one.

@polychrome Hey. Bringing historical context into this is very unfair to the industry associations.

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