Oh mastodon is less tweetdeck-ish nowadays

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what if i release my album on github, and if it gets any negative reviews, inform them that they should open an issue

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Wow glad to see we have content warnings now and are just blatantly misusing them to hide SFW images.

I swear I never gonna touch civ5 again it's addicting I can't stop welp

Can't believe I'm actually on Mastodon and on this instance since 2016.. haven't been active much 😂

I set up my single user mastodon instance for experimenting.. not ready to actually manage a mastodon instance yet (limited resources + not willing to do so). Now to federate that instance....

Twitter increases the number of characters to 280? Beat Mastodon's 500 then you can talk. Hahaha.

I should get away from social media. Now let's just stick around here and devRant, and learn Kotlin seriously.

I'm kind of a beginner-intermediate Java user and started to learn Kotlin. So far no progress.

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Still more tech journalism on Mastodon: "Mastodon cannot survive with such a silly name. It needs a more serious and business-friendly name, such as Google, Yahoo, or Hulu."

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Welp, 500 words is too much for me. But Twitter is filled with cancer so I'd just stay here and toot whatever I like without having any consequences. Oh it's not bad actually. I can type a lot. RIP my blog you'll be missed. I have found true platform to scream my heart out without worrying about word limits.

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