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Why call them ARM-based desktop computers when you could call them iPhone XS Macs?

AT&T has great coverage over all of the Boston MBTA except for the station by my house. T-Mobile is almost the exact opposite: fantastic coverage in the station by my house, and middling coverage for the rest of the routes I’ve been on 🤔

How do cell carriers enforce the thing where unlimited data plans limit you to 480p video over cellular? It looks like the YouTube app at least has carrier integration. And I’ve played HD video that’s served up through <video> tags on web pages. So, they can only enforce it with video companies that agree to play in their sandbox?

Great point about “Show More” buttons vs scrolling. Fitts’s Law clearly tells us that we should refer scrolling in cases like this.

Will Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze directions automatically route you around extended police activity, such as the Andover gas explosion evacuation?

FINALLY, the Pope is weighing in on the issue that is definitely the one that is most concerning regarding the Vatican’s recent past 🙄

BonMot 5.3 is out with Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2 support. Give it a spin and let me know what you think!

Exceeded data cap and got tethered to 128 kbps. My phone feels broken. Apps acting like they don’t know what hit them.

Test 👏🏻 with 👏🏻 Network 👏🏻 Link 👏🏻 Conditioner

Sad to see Path shutting down. Not because it used it (I didn’t), but because their app has the most glorious pull-to-refresh widget. Even better with sound. Literally the only reason I have kept it on my phone since 2010.

Was Brooklyn Nine-Nine removed from Netflix in the last couple of days? I just got into it, and I’m 1.5 episodes from the end, and it suddenly disappeared. Can anyone else in the US see it?

Cognitive dissonance: noticing every time someone misuses “its” and “it’s,” while simultaneously thinking that the distinction is stupid and we should probably ban one of them, and it should probably be “it’s” because seriously, apostrophes.

This is why I generally don’t click “remember my card for faster checkout next time.” 1Password and Safari password auto fill make filling it in fresh each time a much safer option! is a lifesaver (WiFiSaver?) while traveling. Hotel I just stayed in had a short lease on its captive wifi, and iOS wouldn't properly detect it and re-auth. Visiting NeverSSL would kick it into gear instantly.

I wish part of going through customs in Europe included a blanket checkbox for all cookie and GDPR notices on every. Single. Website.

Did you know you can use the 2x lens to shoot panoramas on iPhones with two lenses?

When you get transit directions in Apple Maps, and the first step of the directions involves walking to the subway station, why don’t you get turn-by-turn walking directions?

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