Protecting my Twitter account by installing it to a Raspberry Pi then soldering it into an NES cartridge.

Is Mastodon basically Animal Crossing, only most of us are stuck on the Slow Island?

If you can read this, he really did "no pay-a the taxes".

I have been to Tooting, that is to say the area, precisely once. I doubt this will be of any wider significance though.

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Might the time have come for tooting once more?

Five hundred characters, and nothing but cats.

Here is something pertinent to Mastodon: Revolutionary Girl Tootena.

Perhaps the concept of a 'toot' will allow phrases such as "tootle-ooh" to enter common parlance.

Ah, mastodon. Wherein both eggs and '@' characters still reside.

Caesar adsum jam forte,
Brutus aderat.
Caesar sic in omnibus,
Brutus sic in at.


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