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Thanks for the suggestions guys! I feel like is the closest to what I was thinking. Now the decision is when should I move? Now? Later? aaaaaaaaaah!

I think I should move to a smaller and technology driven instance. What do you think?

Anyone know good mechanical keyboards with no proprietary drivers?

Would open source things on the web count as an ?

Recommended is:


A free, yet powerful, office suite with feature-rich tools for you to complete any assignment. Great alternative to Microsoft Office 365.

Available on , , , & . Also available as a , , and portable.

So many people blocked, hopefully the mods can clean up the spammers.

Weird, "Home" sometimes has trouble grabbing new toots

I wonder if verification will ever come to mastodon. 🤔

I hope gets improved because it could be an awesome site!!

There is moderation abuse over at r/linux? I haven't seen any.

Recommended is:

A deep cleaning software that even cleans up unused space. An easy interface allows you to select exactly what you want to be cleaned.

Available on , , & (using the command line).

came out with their 3.0 release yet it doesn't show up after restarting my computer. Interesting.

Crypto is so cheap now! If you don't have any, get some now!!! (Recommended: BTC, ETH, REQ, ADA)

Recommended is:

A powerful ebook manager that supports many different types of files. It automatically fills in any metadata needed for your books. Calibre is also able to browse books from online and download them.

Available on , , & . Also available portable.

I think I'm going to go with now. So much customization.

I'm trying out side by side with . NewsBlur looks really good but so does Feedbin 🤔

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