after my 5000 year of inactivity im finally back for like 2 days rip :(

So as it turns out if you haven't been on Mastodon since forever it won't load old toots

I'm not a part of the kool kids klub anymore huh

hey how are you doing fellow mastodongs wanna hang out and eat some mastodonuts

Transformers games on steam are in a big sale so you know this is a real valentines day

my phone wanted me to uninstall fb because of some errors reoccuring and im like "honestly i dont need any reasons to ill fucking do it"

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure except Killer Queen is named Yasss Slay Kween

I'm feeling completely uninterested in playing video games despite owning plenty I haven't played yet and I'm wondering if that's even a bad thing tbh

so if gex is now the next big thing does that mean its

the gext big thing

you: *makes intelligent, well-written and thought-provoking toots*

me: haha they are called toots

watching someone play stanley parable is like watching someone eat food. sure they might do it more "properly" and you can get a sense of what's it like to do it yourself

but it's just way fucking better to do it by yourself

Finished Beast Wars:

Waspinator is precious and i love him

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