Why is the native @JetBlue@twitter.com iOS app forcing me to answer a question about “cookies” before I can continue using it?

OH @ginackay@twitter.com: “Shorts now are shorter now”

Tell me more about these Yom Kippur services that let out at 11:15 AM lol instagram.com/p/CT4rj6qFGbm/

Who called it a break the fast and not a super-spreader event?

“Homelessness is caused by scarcity of dwellings. The people who suffer the most from housing scarcity tend to be people who have other problems, too. But in a world of housing plenty, those problems don’t need to generate widespread homelessness.” slowboring.com/p/homelessness-

Anyone know if they’re also announcing a new Kathryn Smallelow this year?

First use of “learnings” in a public-focused Apple keynote?

OH on AA 2071: “Masks must be worn for the duration of the flight over your nose and mouth regardless of vaccination status or political opinion”

Wait, is the reason the people don’t get their flu shot that they think needing one every year means it doesn’t actually work? Because after all this talk about boosters I’m starting to think so

CryptoPunks are just the techie version of @NewYorker@twitter.com author headshots, change my mind

Something you don’t hear too much anymore these days, I feel en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabian_ (hat tip @willystaley@twitter.com)

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