G*mer is a slur. The correct terminology is whiny bitcj

Why is it so hard to find a partner willing to blow dry your long hair straight once a week? This is all women really want

Dating in 2019 is just clusters of people shrugging at each other

Hello new followers. I am an accidental conflict resolution specialist and babe. Welcome to my domain

Why no, I am googling "what do celebrity babies look like now" at 1:30am. Why do you ask?

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good evening, . I'm Bryce Youngquist. Which one of you created a day where I was obliged to you more. are you trying to kill me. because I that. thank you. I'm Bryce Youngquist.

People: Do you really believe Michael Jackson abused kids?

Me: [leans into the mic] Yes

I'm giving up healthy boundaries for lent. Fuckboys slide into my DMs. I have 40 days to make mistakes


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