I'm trying to install my instance, but I can't get the streaming API to work.
Firefox errors with this message:  “Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at wss://”
Any idea what is going on?

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Actually, Firefox does not even seem to make the request, it's shown neither in the server's log or in Firefox's “network” debugger.

@Salamel They are not very specific to installing Mastodon instances. What about a simple ?

@_ZN3val is it a port conflict? It has been a while since I dealt with websockets but I think wss:// would use port 443 by default, and you already have HTTPS traffic on that port

@owent I copy-pasted the nginx config in Mastodon's doc, so it should be fine

@owent Lol actually, it was a port issue: I messed with the config file and used 3000 instead of 4000. It looks fixed now, thanks!

@_ZN3val Great :) I look forward to checking out the instance

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