@Nerf I'm one, of course whether or not I'm any good is not for me to say. 😀


@Nerf Nice to meet you too. My language of choice? Hmm, tough one. I write C, PHP, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript... I think if I were forced to pick just one, I'd have to go with C. How about you?

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@__DarkBlue oh cool, I use perl, PHP, and JS at my day job. I've been using some really cool JS frameworks in my side projects such as node and react. I'd probably pick JavaScript or PHP. Do you have any side projects? I checked your website, looks nice

@Nerf Thanks for the compliment. Right now my website is my side-project. I spend way too much time on it, much to the disgust of my GF. ☺

@__DarkBlue haha I hear ya there. I think I'm in a similar situation. Two young kids and a wife, never enough time for side projects 😂

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