As someone from , am always astonished by internet and phone services in other countries. I just got a contract in that has unlimited traffic at ↓500/↑500 Mbit/s.
The building already had fibre and the technician quickly pulled a cable up to my flat (for free).

I could have got ↓1000/↑1000 Mbit/s for 10€ extra. It took them 2 days to set everything up from submitting the order. And one can change ISP at any time.

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Oh, and I also got a phone contract for 13€ per month that includes 100GB traffic and free calls to almost everywhere in the world.

@__h2__ That's it, i'm moving to Iceland. 😆

As someone from Brazil, I must say I'm more than happy with the service level provided in Germany.
In Brazil you pay ridiculous amounts of money for an 1MB internet connection.

Soooo if we ship you servers you could be an arm of our decentralized community hoster network lol.

Living at the edge of a small town has its benefits. High speed internet access is not one of them.
/me cries in LTE

@etam You're not alone, I'm getting unstable 1-5Mb/s while living on the edge of 2.2 million metropolis (GZM). At least there is pricey, but not overpriced fiber. LTE speeds in small towns are a mixed bag, I once was somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Podkarpackie and was getting 150Mb/s. @__h2__

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