I did a trip to 's youngest on Sunday... and wow, it's really hard to explain what it feels like to be witnessing something like that first hand.

*A small picture thread*

It's already grown so much in its first week of life! It supposedly emits 20m³ per second.

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The lava-covered area around it seems cool, but most of it is hot underneath. And everyone once in a while fresh lava spills over the rest, re-melting it. Basically up to where you are sitting and watching.

During an otherwise sunny day, suddenly a small snow-storm appeared and created this absolutely surreal moment.

This is about as close as one can get to the "mountain" currently. They expect the entire valley (including all the places I took pictures from) to be covered by lava in two weeks.

This video shows the in action. Digital zoom is of course not the best, but I do think you get an impression of what was going on 🌋


Of course embedding your own video doesn't work. Youtube links OTOH are automatically turned into video widgets. 🤬

In this clip, you can see new lava flowing over the old lava and re-melting it. I found it quite fascinating to watch!

@__h2__ Wow! I was very close to this area 2 years ago, and regret that this small little thingy didn't erupt back then ;)

Do you actually see it growing, or some significant activity except smoke? And how does it smell? 🤓

@mxmehl Yes, we were sitting on the side where the mountain was basically half-open with a constant stream of new lava flowing out!

The smell isn't that bad. It's mostly the ground/moss burning at the edges of the lava that create smoke.
The actual vulcanic gases that are dangerous don't have a strong odour I think. But search and rescue teams are on-site the whole time with gas detectors.

@__h2__ Wow. Thanks for the photos and videos. Please, post more :P Iceland is beautiful, especially its flora in summer.

@lightone Thank you! Yes, I will post more videos and maybe some pictures later :)

@lightone All the volcano content is posted now :)

But maybe I will go back sometime soon!

When did you spend time here?

@__h2__ I didn't 😕 Never been in Iceland. But I'm generally interested in Scandinavian countries, so have read some, watched travel videos and seen many photos :) Hopefully, one day I'll be able to see it all with my own eyes.

@lightone Well, I hope that you make it some time! It is worth it :)
But maybe also difficult, depending on where you live now. And especially during the pandemic.

But if you do come, say hi! There are many fedizens here!

@__h2__ Thank you, I will! :) Maybe we need some new hashtags for travelling fedizens (so that they can meet other fedizens along the way). #fediMeetIceland or something like that. I used to follow country and city tags, but at first the only posts I found in Mastodon were escort posts :p Had to mute a couple of servers to filter that out. Now country, city tags mostly show news bots. Fedizens rarely post and tag photos. We need better location hashtags and also a consensus to not spam them 🤔

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