I terraformed Mars last weekend! It was a blast 🌑 🌡 🎍

We almost managed to cover every tile and I, playing the Eco corporation, came in 🥇

Just bought a turntable and it came with this. Not only is all over the place, companies apparently now also care about letting their users know about it 👍🏻

There is some irony to shipping a CD with a turntable though 🤓

I finally did my first print on the Phrozen Sonic Mini! With its monochrome LCD, it really was a lot faster than the Elegoo Mars 👍

The model is a Chaos Space Marine Havoc with a Lascannon.

Got this book for Christmas from my employer, apparently they know my style 🖤

Although it might be awhile before my Icelandic is good enough to read it...

Treated myself to a gift for defending my PhD:
by FantasyFlightGames!

I had my eyes on this for a while now and am very excited to play it soon!

Look at all the stuff! It even comes with its own lorebook 😍

It seems like the servants of the Allfather were watching over us.
And there were also some nice ice crystals in a cave.

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Spent the weekend with some wonderful people in a cabin in the hills. Ate lots of tasty food and went for two small hikes!

I think I need to learn Russian, so I can read more of these glorious memes 👌🏻🇷🇺

Weather today? Blizzard.
Weather tomorrow? Blizzard.
Weather on Sunday? Blizzard and Blowing Snow.

🌬 🌨

Well, I guess they call it for a reason.

As someone from , am always astonished by internet and phone services in other countries. I just got a contract in that has unlimited traffic at ↓500/↑500 Mbit/s.
The building already had fibre and the technician quickly pulled a cable up to my flat (for free).

I could have got ↓1000/↑1000 Mbit/s for 10€ extra. It took them 2 days to set everything up from submitting the order. And one can change ISP at any time.

I managed to get out of town for the first time last Saturday. Great views from Mount Esja!

And, yes, that's snow on the mountain 🤩

Some people in are sad about the weather. I am sad that I had to pay 10.68€ for this piece of Emmentaler.

Walking through down town Reykjavik and suddenly I am in ! This place is truly magic. I hope they have a bag of holding for me, I have always wanted one of those 😀

It's the end of my first week in . I have pretty much walked all over Reykjavik already!

Happy that my quarantine is finally over, but sad that the bars have been closed this weekend, because of Covid.

👾 Game-streaming without the "cloud" 🌩️


How to stream a Windows game from your Desktop to your TV -- and have fun doing it.

A very good read:

The Decline of Usability

I always feel like an old man when people tell me how modern mobile touch UIs are so user-friendly and how desktops are so bad.

| A beginner's guide to C++ Ranges and Views
| hannes.hauswedell.net/post/201
| @meetingcpp @cpp_rocks

There have been a few other guides, but I basically had this written already! Hope it helps some folks.

I have fixed/updated the Unigine benchmark ports on . Heaven and Valley work again with the linux-c7 compatibility. Port for Superposition is on its way.

A really nice way to check drivers and hardware. Wish there were more games with this engine.

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