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Version 4.0 is live on !

The release notes will be available on GitHub shortly.


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"Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love"

-- Pete Cordell

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#gameoftrees is coming to #Linux 🐧​

This is courtesy of Thomas Adam who is also maintaining the Linux port of the tmux terminal multiplexer.

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Cosmopolitan C Library: "build-once run-anywhere c without devops"

Purports to create small ~40kb executables that run on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. In the same binary.

Because diversity matters, after github and gitlab the src and doc tree has now an official mirror on @codeberg
powered by gitea :

pkg 1.16.0 is out:

Main highlights:
- Add support for RISC-V
- plist now supports '@include <anotherfile>'
- Keywords can now validate the plist syntax
- Keywords can issue a deprecation warning if needed
- Add support for triggers
- pkg create -e now will create a package with a readable MANIFEST

Following up with transitioning from subversion to git, the doc and src tree has been officially mirrored on gitlab! and
The ports tree will follow when migrated in march!
The source of truth being

CFT: pkg 1.16 (in pkg-devel in the ports tree)
New features:
- @include for plist
- lua scripts can have real arguments
- plist keyword syntax can be validated in lua
- shell and lua triggers
- improvements in audit, info and create commands
- plenty of bug fixes
- plenty of new bugs 🙃

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If you've watched our video on the takedown of youtube-dl, you know how important it is that Github has reversed course and reinstated the repository. This is a strong commitment to the rights of the developer community, and we hope it sets an example.

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2 efficients evenings in a row hacking on poudriere, 3 features in review in 2 PRs:
* the long asked for ability to use prebuilt packages
* thin repo (only have in the repo what you asked for)
* small repo (what you asked for + their runtime deps)

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Someone has created a pull request to replace the github/dmca repository with the git history of youtube-dl, and now you can access youtube-dl using the github/dmca repository:
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