A new episode of Stacktrace is out! 🎙🎉

Will there finally be a new Mac Mini, how do me & @_inside usually approach prototyping & updating apps to new versions of iOS, will Mac widgets ever make a return and do 3rd party Twitter apps have a future? 🤔


@davedelong Who decided that two of the most common keyboard shortcuts Command-W and Command-A, should be right next to Command-Q? I mean, it's too late now, but I'd like to know…

Just hit a weird situation where UICollectionView prefetching was actually causing scrolling to stutter (a lot).

Just need to do some more adjustments, but Memoji support in AnimojiStudio is doing great!

It’s as if Tweetbot is a drug I’m addicted to and Twitter is taking it away from me

Welp. Time to delete a whole lot of code from the Twitterrific codebase. Mixed feelings about this.


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