A new episode of Stacktrace is out! 🎙🎉

Will there finally be a new Mac Mini, how do me & @_inside usually approach prototyping & updating apps to new versions of iOS, will Mac widgets ever make a return and do 3rd party Twitter apps have a future? 🤔


@davedelong Who decided that two of the most common keyboard shortcuts Command-W and Command-A, should be right next to Command-Q? I mean, it's too late now, but I'd like to know…

Just hit a weird situation where UICollectionView prefetching was actually causing scrolling to stutter (a lot).

@bhansmeyer if you’re looking for good SEO, maybe “Convert Live Photo to video”?

Just need to do some more adjustments, but Memoji support in AnimojiStudio is doing great!

@GR36 found hidden sync settings in Shortcuts. Final version will probably include iCloud syncing with option to migrate from the old Workflow Sync

@kilian you can find release notes in the developer portal

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