@brennen @lordbowlich I've worked on some older woocommerce shops and they all had weird integrations that make the user experience sub par. Even the shopify based store I buy tea from isn't great.

I've talked with some owners and they all say dealing with Amazon is a pain for them but they struggle getting eyeballs on their own sites.

If you don't use Amazon for privacy reasons, do you shop online and if so, where?

@m4iler DSM is really nice to use. I've been slowly migrating various RPis running single applications (pihole, wireguard, nextcloud) to docker images on my Synology NAS and it's been great so far.

Upgraded from a 4k smart TV to a 1080p dumb TV today

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ok serious question time (boosts yes)

what are ppl currently upset with about matrix?

(ideally besides the only full client is a web browser yeah that's currently a thing unfortunately but also every proprietary chat does the same thing)

@NOCARRIER throw the whole thing in a small fish tank with mineral oil?

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@lordbowlich I've been happy with Bitwarden's cli for years but you can't run it standalone. It has to at least have the server running on your machine or hosted elsewhere.

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I understand why the author is using plugins to make the sites they use slower and reduce those dopamine hits but I'm not sure it's the best approach. howonlee.github.io/2020/02/12/

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"Hacker News with 100ms latency feels like liquor: Hacker News with 9000ms latency feels like small beer."

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From a blog post about adding latency to websites: "I have watered down the Internet because nowadays it only seems to come in 151 proof."

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Remember, friend's. SQL Injection references are fun but don't put them on the cards you include when sending flowers to your Valentine.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to explain to my local florist why the flowers I'm sending to my wife crashed their point-of-sale system.

@cassidyjames I also tried other launchers without finding anything satisfying. Short of using a different rom I can't fully peel Google out of my pixel.

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CSS is so wonky that it makes you feel like a goddamn rocket scientist for making a custom styled checkbox correctly.

question about cameras 

@aeveltstra I use a YubiKey with NFC built-in that works with my phone and any computer. I just have to hold it to the back (where the sensor is) when prompted. No issues so far but only one site I use supports it.

I've run into the same issue with MFA migration and this time chose an app with an export function (unlike Google and others) andOTP.

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