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the real tragedy of the effort towards better handling of digital Arabic text is that even our loftiest goals are a compromise. most systems can't even do the super basic A in the first image correctly. few can pull off B, allowing letters to stack and bend, preserving some of the flourish and nuance of the script. the second image -- which is still text! -- is just not on the table. it's the kind of thing we're leaving behind to exist on computers.

god I'm so glad this place has content warnings

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if you really enjoy something in one of those huge charity bundles, consider buying it again individually!

finally got myself a proper monitor, so I can retire the stack of milk cartons n shoeboxes my laptop has been resting on

jan ante li kama sona ala kama sona e toki pona?

(I think??)

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anyone else know/learning toki pona? mi kama sona e ona

I've been made aware of a conlang called toki pona - with a rad heiroglyphic script

some of the art made with it is sick and now I'm trying to learn it

biggest change here was replacing sdl2 w/ something rustier, but some cocked angles n a bit of _l e r p i n g_ never hurt

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it's sorta difficult to describe _why_ this is actually cool, but just trust me when I say it is :p

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been working on making a simple textbased roguelike, entirely async, and so far it's going well.

to prove a point, I decided to add a graphical frontend for it - game logic entirely untouched and happy about it

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I don't know if I've linked you guys to Drivey before, but it's my 2018 WebGL port of a 2005 graphics demo:

PSA: if you use msvc, check and double check that you're using `/permissive-`.

currently updating some code at work for strict compliance mode and lemme tell you...

msvc lets you get up to some *shit*

been playing w/ the coroutine api in C++ and it's v slowly starting to sink in. it's _far_ more complicated and harder to understand than futures and generators in rust, but I'm getting there.

not a fan of the fact they unconditionally allocate, but being able to create symmetric coroutines is kinda neat I guess?

anyone know if they've fixed the web apis for audio yet

wanna make sound effects for stuff w/out the absurd latency

played jackbox for work team building bc sars2 cancelled our plans lol


two weeks of wfh is slowly starting to take its toll. really struggling to focus on work and really just not looking forward to the next few months

don't see any faces other than my own; probably going to be socially inept by the end of it

woof was not ready to start work this morning

I have caved and now own animal crossing

never owned an animal crossing, but everyone seems to be going nuts over it so here we go I guess

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