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good god look what the president tweeted today: 

naaahhh just kidding i hope you all have a wonderful day


🎵you know you can toot when you want to
And bless my timeline 🎵
But if your friends don't boost
🎵Some badass toots
Then they ain't no friends of mine🎵

you think the timeline moves fast now just wait until henry kissinger bites it

Admittedly, the part of the Mastodon TOS pledging the user to swear eternal loyalty to Hezbollah was a little strange, but I confess I was delighted

"Do you toot at us, sir?"
"I do toot, sir."
"Do you toot at us, sir?"
"No, sir, I do not toot at you sir; but I toot, sir."

the two tall hat kyle maclachlan accounts must kiss

*carefully knocking on your window* excuse me! sorry! have you had a chance to follow me back yet? just checking, haha!

mastadon's logo might look like an elephant at first but it is actually a train. the whole website is train themed. toot toot

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