PSA for iOS developers: you don’t need the facebook SDK if all you’re doing is “login with facebook”. There’s ASWebAuthenticationSession for you.

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Every iOS app is crashing right now thanks to the Facebook SDK.🍿🍷

Before that, you could use SFAuthenticationSession or SFSafariViewController and do the OAuth dance yourself. To be honest, even that was easier than managing the FBSDK as a third-party dependency.

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I wonder how many TB of bandwidth and storage space could be saved by removing the FBSDK from all iOS apps. 🤔

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Oh yeah, same goes for google analytics, if you really must use that. In the long run you’re better off with a minimal client for the GA protocol than managing the full GoogleAnalytics dependency.

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I mean, blindly including code from facebook or google in your app is just wrong. Don’t do that.

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