Julián de Orbilibro apoyando a sus alumnos en su exposición xd

Ya en la Caniem escuchando a los estudiantes de la Maestría en Diseño y Producción Editorial de la UAM-Xochimilco ;)

RT @danieloso@twitter.com: Tarde que temprano los bancos serán reemplazados por empresas como Amazon, Google, Apple o FaceBook, estas ofrecerán mejores servicios con menores comisiones o incluso comisiones igual a cero... porque se las cobrarán con tus datos personales. Muajajja 😈

🐦🔗: twitter.com/danieloso/status/1

En unas horas inicia el . Ve aquí ➡ t.co/TVhyvnRIoq

Se implementó un chat en el mismo sitio. Nos va a servir para monitorear comentarios, preguntas o mentadas ;)

El programa ⬇ t.co/S31Y2wWW6V

We almost finish this season of Digital Publishing Workshop (Taller de Edición Digital) !

Nice works are being finished :3

Are you creating data... or are you being data?

While I was surfing the web I found some docs in spanish written by the Engineering Institute of UNAM and related to Linux :O


¿Qué es el #MiauDev? El sábado 27 de octubre de 11:30 a 18:30 con Hacklib organizaremos el primer encuentro en el Rancho Electrónico.

Tenemos el plan de hacer streaming y grabar :D

Ghostwriter, a nice Markdown editor :)
Easy to use and made it for writers!

Recommended by @argumento


Seeing how to make bone joints with Synfig because Halloween is close :D

What WYSIWYG is capable :S

More WYSIWYM, don't be a fool.

In Racho Electronico we are getting ready for , an event for people interested in foss development for publishing and libraries :)

Entry number 164 of "The Fantastic Glossary of Publishing Terms":

Adobe: graphic design suite that everybody knows but few master it; it is also an array of software seen as the only publishing method available.

All saturdays we have graphic design and publishing workshops at , CDMX. You can always come!

Entry number 143 of "The Fantastic Glossary of Publishing Terms":

Vintage boss or client: a person that ignores how the things are done nowadays but, not matter what, he/she considers his/her comment as an expert opinion.

Ignoring the entrepreneur and free market enthusiasms of blockchain's discourse, that technology wouldn't fail as ScotiabankMX did. Ha, but centralization and transparency aren't necessary in any system...

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