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„[Ein schüler] wurde gestern gegen seinen Willen aus der Englischstunde zu einem Einzelgespräch mit einer Dame vom #Jobcenter #Wuppertal gezwungen. Dustin sagte mehrfach, dass er kein Einzelgespräch machen wolle, aber die Dame vom Jobcenter sagte dann zu ihm, dass er es müsse, da seine Eltern ja Kunden seien und er verpflichtet ist, mitzumachen, sonst gäbe es Sanktionen. Im nachfolgenden Gespräch mit dem Schüler habe eine Jobcenter-Sachbearbeiterin den Sohn aufgefordert, nach dem Schulabschluss umgehend eine Lehre zu beginnen. Dustin will aber lieber sein Abitur machen, um später studieren zu können.“

#HartzⅣ #Hartz4 #Datenschutz #Erpressung

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"How the pandemic improved my mental health"

"As a 60-year-old lifelong sufferer of mental illness, I was surprised to notice midway through California’s covid-19 lockdowns how much my symptoms had improved. I suddenly felt better, happier, lighter even. I was more centered. I was sleeping better. I hadn’t felt this good in years."

An essay (?) in the Washington Post.

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and “gentrification” is entirely about an act of settling wealth in places where it’s the easiest to do so — i.e., working communities, poorer communities, etc. — by displacing those without wealth and forcing them to be removed to another place in town (or out of town)

removed to where? they don’t care. they got theirs when they bought out the place/neighbourhood

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with that last boost from my other account:

i went to hecking school to become an urban planner (before finding out that trannies don’t get to be urban planners in this country), and never once did any text, scholar, or instructor i ran across during that time have a clear, short, to the point definition for “gentrification”

i had to come up with one, and it took me until 2016

the key word is “cleansing” because notwithstanding how that’s exactly what it is, the point is gentrification is extremely deliberate, tacit (wordless), and completely conscious in its execution of displacement and eradication of folks who lack the structural upper hand in race, class/vocation, income/material wealth, legal citizenship, and on and on

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Außer Rand und Band ist das Pubertier gerade.
Erst die Frisbee verloren und wiedergefunden. Mit Hunden gerannt. Eichhörnchen und die Nachbarskatze gesehen. (Und nicht jagen dürfen.)

Hier bei der Pause im Park.

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#Liebig34Bleibt @liebig34bleibt #b0910

Und hier noch ganz spannende Gedanken zur Rolle der Liebig34 und dazu, was jetzt passieren müsste.

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police brutality, Liebig34 eviction 

I'm anxious about tomorrow >.> reading people use the ht #liebig34 on twitter to call for more police brutality makes me sick. Who the fuck are these people? Fucking psychopaths.

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Die Unsicherheit bleibt - Diana ist aus Uganda geflohen, lesbisch und lebt seit zwei Jahren im Kirchenasyl -

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Heute haben wir einen kleinen Ausflug nach Lünen gemacht.

(Fotos vom rennenden Hund im Hundewald leider alle unscharf :) )

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SchwarzGrün ist einfach nur scheiße...
Diese Ökoverräter sind einfach zum Kotzen

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i may or may not have knitted a tail warmer for a cat who had his tail shaved for an operation. accusations are unfounded at this stage

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14 anarchist films to watch during confinement 

This list was originally put together by the Venezuelan anarchist collective El Libertario, I've found the original dubs and tried to find versions with english subtitles (Versions without english subtitles are marked NS, you can find srt files on OpenSubtitles):

The Wave (2008) - German film that portrays the rise of Nazism amongst a group of students. Based on a real United States experiment. [NS]

Libertarias (1996) - Film about the role played by the anarcha-feminist group Mujeres Libres in the middle of the Spanish Civil War.

Land and Freedom (1995) - Film based on 'Homage to Catalonia' by George Orwell.

Salvador (2006) - Dramatic film about the attempt by family and friends to prevent the Franco regime's execution of the Catalan anarchist Salvador Puig Antich. [NS]

The Green Beautiful (1996) - The film portrays a utopian planet where its inhabitants develop themselves as they get rid of the hindrances of the modern world. [NS]

Simón, Hijo Del Pueblo (2013) - Documentary that recreates the historical memory around Simón Radowitzky. [NS]

Lucio (2007) - Documentary about the anarchist bricklayer Lucio Urtubia.

The Anarchist's Wife (2008) - Film about a passionate woman who must search for her anarchist husband after the Spanish Civil War. [NS]

Manuel (1991) - A Spanish refugee in Canada, picks up Manuel, a twelve-year-old Portuguese teenager, who he teaches to read, to assert his rights and to whom he talks about the Spanish civil war. [NS]

Animal Farm (1954) - Animated film based on the Orwell novel.

Hombres de ideas avanzadas (2011) - Documentary about the Catalan anarchist Penina, who was shot by the Argentine military. [NS]

Sacco & Vanzetti (1971) - Film about the process that the US government unfairly carried out against two anarchist workers.

Joe Hill (1971) - Film about the poet and singer Joe Hill, member of the IWW and persecuted by the US government.

Libera, My Love (1975) - Italian film that portrays the anarchist struggle against the rise of fascism. [NS]

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