A lot of people continue to tell me it's easy and barely takes any time to: grind coffee, measure it, add it to a coffee maker's filter, add water and brew it... to get my one cup of coffee

Ok boomer

Whenever I talk about breaking DRM, I'm just joking. I'd never do anything like that, and I'd certainly never recommend that anyone download libdvdcss (which I've heard can be installed with apt-get using libdvd-pkg, or with dnf by enabling rpmfusion-free-release-tainted) to crack DVD DRM in a country where that kind of thing is illegal.

It is *so* nice when clients send me thank you emails appreciating the work!!! I was having kind of a slow, sluggish, unsatisfying morning and that totally gave me a little jolt of energy! (That could also be the tea finally kicking in.) (Probably both.) (Both is good.)

On the topic of privacy, my residential colony in Delhi has started installing CCTV cameras on all streets. Family has been championing the move by saying it'll become safer for women and no theft. But when I asked them what about privacy, they were mute.

What if the security footage gets compromised? What about moral monitoring? Child privacy? Privacy of the helpers who're anyway at the mercy of the rich?

My brain is exploding! Who'll explain all this to them!

A two hour independent movie which is just artists looking for their misplaced tablet pens for the entire 2 hours. At the end they all find their pens.

Running an old node project, 2015: fails because no lockfile

Running an old node project, 2019: npm has found 3,000 vulnerabilities across 5 million dependencies

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I loved my Fitbit. Once again, Google has invaded my life and forced me to change. I just want to live in peace away from these villains.

It’s a telling graph called ‘the curse of the ex-pat’ … coincidentally it relates to my earlier inktober drawing.

Monde de merde !
Si vous êtes client de cet esclavagisme du XXIème siècle, vous approuvez de facto cette horreur on donnant votre argent à UBER. C’est dans votre porte monnaie qu’est le problème et la solution. (Il faut légiférer aussi mais ça commence par vous.)

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Photo prise ce matin (par moi) sur le boulevard St-Laurent vers 9h00. Révélateur ?

On October 30 (i.e in two days) I turn 40. I wish nothing special, but it would be fun to get postcards from all corners of the world. My address is:
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvägen 4B
90740 Umeå

Si vous voulez mieux faire que de contraindre le nombre de caractères, le nombre de licornes et de chiffres sauf 2 et 6, obligatoires dans les MDP, laissez donc faire les navigateurs. Et n’empêchez pas le copier/ coller dans les champs password SVP !

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If an input element has the attribute value autocomplete="new-password", browsers can suggest securely-generated passwords.

Codepen: codepen.io/matuzo/pen/WNNEKVE
TIL: matuzo.at/til/

Petition to classify Bjarne Stroustrup as a war criminal

my friend and her gf's septum rings clink when they kiss and i make a wish every single time

Please join me as we curse bad programmers who make halfassed plugins that somehow have tens of thousands of downloads and permanently break your site even after uninstalling them

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