Signal’s New PIN Feature Worries Cybersecurity Experts

The popular encrypted app is now going to store your contacts in the cloud. Experts are worried this compromises users’ privacy.


Hey guys! I am a code newbie learning html/css/js and trying to find out what #mastodon actually is 😉


Today is EFF's 30th birthday!

On Friday, July 10, 1990, the Electronic Frontier Foundation was officially born.

While we look to the future, we must thank our co-founders: Mitch Kapor, John Perry Barlow, and John Gilmore, who received critical help from Steve Wozniak.


Microsoft steals name of Linux Desktop project (MauiKit and the Maui distribution) for their project that does the same thing and then blames Linux community for using that name to begin with (which is obvious trademark infringement as they've both had those names for years now). Abusing power over GitHub to then delete any issues on their project related to the name collision and deny they are at fault for ignoring the first search result that comes up for the name Maui.

You can tell they are trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish. But with blunders like this and the way their megacorp stooge bosses like to handle it they won't be extending anything.

“What we learn from consistently studying the discourses of Silicon Valley is that its successes come at the expense of a growing number of communities. The costs to these communities are masked by investments in an imagined post-racial, post-gender, post-class reality that is seemingly sympathetic to inclusion, but resists it in material, quantifiable and cultural terms.”

just a reminder than homelessness is a problem that is not inevitable, nor even particularly hard to fix. we've just decided that CEOs having more money is more important.


Finland ended homelessness. They provide a small apartment and counseling with no preconditions. 4/5 make their way back into a stable life and guess what - it was CHEAPER than allowing homelessness to continue.


We used to say "I'm bitter about—"

Now we say "I'm salty about—"

Next: "I'm umami about—"

usa is just an unhealthy place
too much hatred too much poverty too much wealth inequality
too much stress too much depression too much pollution too much obesity too much bitterness

Didn't that guy from Friends run for president a while ago? Ross something.

So, Kanye is running for president. Not unexpected. Unexpected would be Eminem releasing a new album featuring Nicki Minaj and Melon Husk.

Would you give up your right to free speech just because you have nothing important to say? No? Then why would you give up your right to privacy just because you have nothing to hide?

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