Users giving 1 star reviews because you don't support their ancient macOS/iOS version 🤷🏻‍♂️, a popular anime-focused torrent tracker, has had its source code removed from GitHub after the MPA filed a DMCA takedown request.

Read their lunacy here if you'd like:

All communication in #signal goes through these tech giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare
Just texting goes through Amazon.
Group chat will also go through Google.
#GAFAM is toxic to free software, supports mass surveillance and a lot other very bad things. Supporting such companies means also supporting their culture and their dominance. It's never just about the privacy of a single person.

Wow, western people just found out about Gitee ( Well, Gitee has been up since like ... 2009? Funny.

You’re always going to dependent on someone in the mainstream economic
world if you want to have a web presence in North America. Even if you
run your own servers, you’re at the mercy of your hosting provider, your
ISP, your DNS registrar, and even browser level things like Google Safe
Browsing. Any of these can be major points of failure. ... more on

@rysiek @kzimmermann i get a bit more blunt. i called WP ecosystem trash the other day. it doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. i swear to god, most of the plugins and themes follow dark patterns to get money out of you, and WP templates are evil.

your cat craziness is revealed when you kinda enjoy the smell of cat food.

📣 New release candidate: Tor

It fixes several bugs, including one that broke onion services on certain older ARM CPUs, and another that made v3 onion services less reliable.

Full change log:

An interesting comparison between Threema, Signal, Whatsapp and
Telegram. Keep in mind that
Switzerland is not the promised land of privacy, remember CryptoAG? ... more on

Souvenez-vous de Aaron Swartz
(8 novembre 1986 - 11 janvier 2013)

A paper published today in the journal Scientific Reports by
controversial Stanford-affiliated researcher Michal Kosinski claims to
show that facial recognition algorithms can expose people’s political
views from their social media profiles. Using a dataset of over 1
million Facebook and dating sites profiles from users across Canada, the
U.S., and the U.K., Kosinski and coauthors say they trained an algorithm
to correctly classify political or ... more on

That’s enough politics for me, remember to use Tor, use Signal/Telegram,
use non-USA services, use your brain. There are always alternatives, do
your research. We’re heading straight into the dark ages, head first. ... read more on

First they banned those they deemed to have wrong think from “social
media”, crying build your own social media, it is a private company
after all, they can choose their users.

And they did, but the totalitarians were no satisfied, so then they
banned them from app stores users used to connect and find the new
service, crying build your own service it is a private company after
all, they can choose their users. ...

another #drawing! available for claiming <3
more cc-licensed stuff at

the new drawings are yet to be published on the site because and lazy and anxious and slow. ops. #art #mastoart

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There are two alternatives to Twitter and their ilk:

- The federated approach, where many Twitter like sites can interconnect and exchange messages. One current example of this is Mastodon, other is GNU social (

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