Trying to summon @Egoporsitperum again. This time for good, not for evil.

Megacorp rule:

You have 2 intranet sites, one that's ancient rickety php 4 on an old Dell tower from 1998 that's useful and everyone is hammering daily and support comes from a former employee living her best life in new zealand

And another one that's 140mb of sad Oracle acquisitions and JavaScript being crumpled through a misconfigured mod_pagespeed that is an ongoing 12 year project that's seen more managers than board room.

BREAKING: Biden ankle injury caused by tripping over a box of ballots in his basement. /s if needed

@Egoporsitperum Wait, are we talking about the Dong Dinasty's dog's dongs?

"Twitter names famed hacker 'Mudge' as head of security" Well let me know when they hire Acid Burn.

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