dog is best weather forecast

send dog outside. if it comes back wet, it's raining

send dog outside. if it comes back covered in bees, there's bees outside

send dog outside. if it comes back and says it's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says it feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain, it's pagliacci

I think this sentiment that one day, all art is going to be made by algorithms, really reflects society's belief that people who make art do so because they're uniquely good at it, and once something that is better than them, they lose their right to make it.
But fundamentally, art exists because people like making it. As long as someone out there wants to make art, there will be art made by people.

nested acronym ...

SPNEGO == Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism

GSSAPI == Generic Security Service Application Program Interface


SPNEGO == Simple and Protected Generic Security Service Application Program Interface Negotiation Mechanism

Hey phediphriendz!
What's this project of asynchronous and offline messaging/feed app? I cannot remember...
(I think it's you @ella_kane who told me about it)

Bloody hell Wireguard is so simple to set up. Been using it via AzireVPN (which is excellent) for over a year now but only just got round to playing with setting up my own server. Amazing how simple it is (writing this via a VPN connection to it now).

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

If you use an open source project regularly, tell the maintainer! I'm sure he/she'll be happy to know their project has value and is being used.

I am now listening to the "vocal isolation" version of Altered State by Tesseract. Is there a version of that album I will not listen to?

cw: filthy 

Hello! I looking for new friends!
Some about me:My name is Getvi (not real name). I'm live in Russia (can answer any your questions). And I'm 17 years, like games, memes, programming, and physics. Can say on any themes and I'm wait you

P.s. sorry if your eyes was bleed because of my english :blobcat:

Yaar, if all you're going to do is put your tweets here, I could have just stayed on Twitter, no?

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