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My first attempt at furry art! (abstract, non-graphic fox butt) 

During the big Tesla pickup reveal I was expecting Ali G to come out of it, with his boombox and singing "riding the punani"

@Schepp Hate to spoil it for you but there is no Twitter Support.

@wabbster Do what all managers do: act like you know everything and run in the opposite direction when shit hits the fan.

Weekly reminder that I love Vietnamese because it sounds like a porn movie script.

@blabberf You did well, earned 1 charisma and lost 3 shame points. :)

@franciecashman This is the toot that won the "Most times anus was said in a toot" Award! By an astronomer, nonetheless! :)

Today there was so much shit that it overflowed the integer and spilled onto tomorrow.

And yes, the cheap Yubico U2F key I just bought can already handle ed25519 keys.

Sometimes, I make a dinner my kids will hate so they have something to bond over

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