An artwork for pollinators:

"Unlike most gardens, this one is designed to prioritise the needs of endangered pollinating insects, rather than to please humans."

exhibited at serpentine:

"Octopuses may be ideal for the study of dreaming in other species as they wear their dreams on their sleeve" -

Why complex systems collapse faster? - "In economic systems, we say that “small is beautiful.” In social systems, the movement called “transition towns” is based on the idea that a village is more resilient than a whole state. And a federation of smaller states may be more flexible in facing difficulties and absorbing shocks than a larger, centralized state."

MarkovJunior is a probabilistic programming language where programs are combinations of rewrite rules and inference is performed via constraint propagation.

looking forward to computing within limits conf -

really enjoy working with raspberry, ssh, nodejs, puredata within most of my activities. pi taught me how to deal with constraints and how computers work under the hood, beyond the screens.

it is like a swiss army knife for making things talk.. thinking about making a workshop on my workflow infrastructure for like minded creatives

Hey, we just released Taper #8 : 8-Bit Nostalgia:

Taper is an online magazine of FLOSS computational poetry, none of it exceeding 2KB. We have 23 poems/artworks in this issue by 20 authors, thanks to the efforts of editors Kyle Booten, Angela Chang, Leonardo Flores, Katy Ilonka Gero, Judy Heflin, and Eugenio Tisselli.

Please enjoy it! Please plunder any of the code (offered under an all-permissive license) if you like, too.

now i'm thinking about all language models as essentially a form of recommendation algorithm. "if you liked that sequence of tokens, you might also like: ' the'"

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Spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs to maintain complex neural activities while consuming as low energy as possible

"What you need are fewer possibilities that are more interesting."

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norpet is a digital pet with hand-powered logic.

its board (or non-electronic digital screen) consists in a grid of logical operations, one per cell, that you have to follow to bring your pet across its different states of life.

norpet is a proof-of-concept of #beansComputing that we developed for the Virtual Pet Jam 2022.

may not be closely related, but "Making Sense" came to my mind.. an enlightening book about cognition, computing, art and embodiment by Simon Penny (2017) - really enjoyed reading it back then

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"We seem to be entering a historical period where crisis circumstances are more common than normalcy. This means crisis mindsets will increasingly be the default, not flourishing mindsets."

pinging a 45 year old system in inter-stellar space... takes more than two days. and collecting scientific data still works, thanks to hardware redundancy and understanding limits of energy consumption

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