i found these. these were my journals from 2012-2016. what’s most amusing to me is the scattered accounts of all the times i’ve had crushes and/or flirted and how though probably 25% or so were mutual or had chances, absolutely nothing happened to any of them

god i just want a man who, after underestimating me and being hit with relentless counterattacks, will change his condescending ways and mutually share love with me

i mean this could be literally any government but ya know we got that

i got to finish cardcaptor sakura today AND eat beef udon and filipino ice cream.

on the lighter side of things, this was my halloween costume

man, i am so attached to the boys in this game already...

breakfast food again 

meanwhile this was my other breakfast for dinner the other day. vienna sausage and furikake on rice. super dumb dorm level meal but i was really excited to have it for dinner and i was thinking about it at work because this is the favorite food of two of my good friends who i haven’t hung out with in a while

good filipino breakfast food 

this was breakfast for dinner he cooked me

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like, hey, look i’ve been playing A3! for 9 days now and i’m attached to my sons who also are all somehow trying to flirt with me

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goodbye to this filthy dusty cubicle, i will not miss how disgusting you are no matter how many times i wipe you down

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Today was in the Philippines! It was upper middle class, as expected. But we marched with some pals who were more for intersectionality. Their signs read:





Ya girl just graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in sociology

I don’t know if it’s just me being an emotional mess or the alcohol, but I’m currently sat in my bathroom crying my eyes out while writing a short thing on the professors who changed my life in my undergrad. A good teacher is truly something else. I feel so blessed that my department was full of them. Sociology in a third world country is truly something else.

Graduation’s a fucking mess. Here’s photographic evidence of that.

Some photos of the places we visited in Japan!

My favorite part of the trip was finally slowly understanding how their train system works. My country’s trains are quite shitty and inadequate, so anything more complex than a terminal-to-terminal transfer is insane for me.

Visited my very first university campus today to accompany my brother during reg. He passed the same university and campus I did 5 years ago. Today, the start of the rainy season claims Mt. Makiling in fog. I bought my sablay (UP’s traditional graduation sash embroidered with precolonial Filipino symbols) here, too, to symbolically end things where they began.

I only spent a year in UP Los Baños but it has left its mark on me, for sure. Diliman wasn’t the same. I miss Laguna’s quiet and warmth.

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