randomly remembered the week before and the first week of the Philippine COVID-19 lockdown. i spent it in a haze as i stayed up every night editing a paper that is to be my first published journal article.

just felt a chill run down my spine before writing this, then a montage of me crying and screaming all my confusion and frustration played in my head. why did i even shoot for the academe

i’ve started playing AC:NH and visited an island for the first time today. it was my friend’s. naturally the first thing i did was act like the ultimate gremlin

i found these. these were my journals from 2012-2016. what’s most amusing to me is the scattered accounts of all the times i’ve had crushes and/or flirted and how though probably 25% or so were mutual or had chances, absolutely nothing happened to any of them

nacho libre must be one of my most favorite movies

@ubiety i had only one beer a month at most for the past three years only to apparently veer right back to mild alcoholism due to being stuck at home

realizing as i’m inebriated that being drunk is literally the only way to get through this pandemic while keeping sanity intact

god i just want a man who, after underestimating me and being hit with relentless counterattacks, will change his condescending ways and mutually share love with me

i’m drunk at 3am crying in the bathroom abt daveed diggs

credibility check: I did theater for 2 years and that’s about it

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Meh. Bootleg Hamilton > Disney+ Hamilton. The bootleg actually helps you appreciate the ensemble + set design + light and other tech work better.

I got bullied like mad by Marxist-Leninists on Twitter for this lmao I didn’t even name any organization but if the shoe fits

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If anyone’s interested—my piece, You’re Not Radical Enough: Reflections on Philippine Leftist exclusionism has been published by Bandilang Itim on The Commoner. It is a political critique that is also deeply personal and grounded on my own experiences as a radical in the Philippines.


The Disney+-released Hamilton is garbage. Doesn’t even give you a full view of the stage when it spins. That’s literally 60% of the reason I even watch this musical. Is it already on Letterboxd?

(The 40% are split between Daveed Diggs and Anthony Ramos.)

current mood: trying to recover from the fact that my favorite character is a Sagittarius

can’t get that one trans pro-gun mastodon user’s bio out of my mind. it said “if you block me or my instance you’re transphobic” and all i could think was uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i just finished listening to the entire jesse mccartney live album + a couple of encores and literally nothing beats the high of intro/how do you sleep? it is literally meant to make you squeal and dance

it’s 1:10am, an extra repressive law has just been signed in my country, and i’m in bed bangin’ and jammin’ to jesse mccartney in the year of our lord 2020. gotta find the joys in life. i’d honestly fight in the revolution if only to have another day of being able to listen to this live album

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