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maybe the headaches i’ve been getting the past two weeks are sugar headaches

the good thing about all this anger and grief is it is forcing me to refuse romance because i am just too exhausted and frustrated about everything and my standards for dating at this time specifies that they be an extremely empathetic and self-aware superhuman at this point

already i have half the mind to start a sociological research project interviewing non-men in radical spaces. if only this pandemic and the national government weren’t sapping my life force

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if these manarchist spaces keep refusing to change to accommodate non-able-bodied cis het men needs then i guess we’re just gonna have to say fuck your anarchism and build better spaces

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for all their talk of liberation and radicalism, anarchist men in the spaces i’m acquainted with know fuck-all about accountability and refuse to confront the harm their sexism and masculinity cause

my entire day has been me saying “[john mulaney voice] it’s an hour” in the kitchen

i just want to know what it feels like to not be angry on the daily again

(i can’t really complain though i love sashimi, beer and sleep. also my ideal young adulthood is having sashimi, beer and sleep parties with friends)

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i had sashimi and beer at like. 9:30pm here. it’s 10:30pm i’m buzzed and extremely sleepy!!!!!!!! i’m only 23 this is not what i thought young adulthood would be

if i see the words “good governance” one more time especially during this pandemic i’m going to flip out

*leans against bar, trying to be casual with a bottle of beer in one hand* hey girl, wanna see my collection of ACAB memes?

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like. i hate how in the liberal discourse of consent we’ve equated it to sexual situations so much that consent has been equated in the larger discourse with sexual situations. dude. opening up to a friend about something heavy you’re going through requires just as much consent as sex.

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consent is such a necessary concept to teach on a very very basic level. people think it only comes in when we talk of physical situations but the emotional situations that call for consent are so overlooked and are frankly a source of trauma for many people (including me)

its 1130pm here and im eating sushi like a fricken dumbass

anyway i’m anxious about the ph govt lifting its pandemic measures completely. people are starving and unemployed but also we’re literally among the highest rises of COVID cases in asia (and the lowest recovery given the utter lack of action)

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