I've ported my levels-checker bot to mastodon and added over 70 new things it can check!

do you think it’s too late for me to be the inventor of spelunky

We got a new couch and it doesn’t smell like our horrible dog so for the first time in years our beautiful perfect cat is comfortable chilling on it with us and we’re crying we’re so happy

*eats a bunch of ice cream at 4 in the afternoon on a saturday*
hell yeah now time to clean the bathtub

Is it considered bad mastodon etiquette to not put stupid shit behind CWs that warn people that they’re about to see some stupid shit

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Me: [spends hours creating fun magic items for my players to find as fulfilling rewards for hand-crafted adventures]
Also me: oooh, maybe I’ll get REALLY lucky and one of them will lose an EYE!

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It’s almost disorienting how quickly I oscillate between wanting to make my d&d players’ characters wishes come true and wanting to *take everything from them*

The number of other people who came into the office on this Sunday afternoon and can therefore see me in these cutoff shorts is surprisingly high

I’ve been playing Dead Cells and I feel like I’ve hit a point where I just stopped making any progress and it’s bumming me out

None of my d&d players is on mastodon yet so I can say spoilery stuff like “can’t wait to see them blow up some fungus zombies today”

Are you new to Mastodon? 

Have you seen the awesome Content Warning feature?? :blobaww:

If you're posting about sensitive topics, consider putting them behind a content warning. This puts your post body behind a "Show More" button. Some common CWs, off the top of my head:

• uspol (US Politics)
• mh (mental health)
• +, - (indicating a positive or negative take, often used with mh)

Allowing people to read certain topics at their own pace (or not at all) is one of Mastodon's greatest features.


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