The hackathon story by @stsp is awesome. Donate to OpenBSD so they can go on crazy secluded hackathons more often.

I actually don't have the words to describe how idyllic this hackathon was.

You could sort of put together something like that in Scotland, but I doubt we have really serviceable cabins you have to hike to.

campgnd (which I run) goes some of the way, but you can just drive right up to your pitch.

@_tj You can drive up to the Elk Lakes hut in summer. There's camping nearby, too (the advertisements for which looked rather out of place while we were there -- who in their right mind would go camping in these conditions?!?).

@stsp Okay, makes sense. If we had more snow we might manage hike only cabins.

@stsp @_tj I know there's a bunch of people that love camping in the middle of winter in the snow. I'm not sure they're in their right mind so you're probably correct.

I'm a 3 season camper and like to camp off the motorcycle. If it's too cold/snowy for riding the bike, it's too cold/snowy for camping . 😉

It was mid-30's (1C or so) overnight on this trip but warmed up quickly as the sun came up. 😎

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