Wooo! FreeBSD running on RISC-V in QEMU on

Last bit I need to do is get the BBL buildng with my kernel, but there is a build system problem there.

Code works enough to drive the stepper, but not well enough to teach.

I wonder where my off by one is that is driving that pin low.

I love it when companies send me html email only.

I love it even more when they moan about bugs they have to deal with and their own software is super buggy

How can a person write "oh this magic nor enables a low power stat" without collapsing under their own insanity.

If this were javascript the internet would be mocking them


. @hibbie and I continue our bad decision making.

Please join us next December for Aberdeen’s best tech conference

This azure dashboard is saying I have spent xx and will spent xx by end of month if I continue at present rate, right?

These clown services all seem to make it as hard as possible to gauge how much you are going to spend

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