@alexshendi@mastodon.technology There are two gpios that control the fan speed, with 4 values for fan speed. This script works on


I primarily use another account, you should ask me there if you need help. tj@altelectron.org.uk

We normally hold a small hacker camp at the end of May/start of June, but this year we can't :'(

On the plus side it means that you can come!

So join us in a virtual field for campGNDd 2020 and lets have an amazing weekend.


Went to the beach yesterday (still isolated, but got to see ships!), to try out my new giants lens on some ships.

First a modern 300mm lens
I support @irl on patreon so he can improve amateur radio software for everyone.

HamBSD is an awesome project, with real costs and you can help!

I picked up @mwlucas jails mastery.

This crisis is going to hit people hard across the board, if you can support someone by supporting their normal work then you should.

#freebsd #jails
I have found my self compulsively checking email all weekend and have put the hammer down. Now mutt is an alias to make me think about what I am doing.

It makes me laugh every time
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