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The hackerspace needed a way to collect small donations to pay for filament for the 3d printer and paper for the 2d printer.

I suggested we get a little helper
Did you know the word 'forlornness' only appears in a Tale of Two Cities once?

I do, because I am using it to rate check a transfer in a testbed.
Do you think that #HamBSD is a cool project? Do you want to motivate me to work harder on it? I made a Patreon thing so you can do that.

#OpenBSD #hamradio
I back to make amateur radio stuff on BSD and you should too. We need diversity for amateur radio, the world is not linux.
I am looking for articles a long the lines of 'porting os to new architecture', "Porting NetBSD to the AMD x86-64"[1] is a good example of this.

I don't mind which os or which arch, I am putting together a bibliography

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