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2509 words so far today and a lot of work still to go.

Past me was a dick and should have been writing. Future me better learn from this.
I have to get songs from an ipod and the past has attacked and now myspace is somehow involved?

Look I am sorry about making fun of old computers being able to run 1 program at a time.
Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 19.23.…

linux kernel development 

I have read the linux netdev faq and I can only produce numbers with their least significant bit set

How does anyone live in that world? They don't even require testing of changes
Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 13.51.…
Anyone had problems with their x270 when picked up by the front left corner?

Sometimes I do this and the graphics crash and the machine locks up.
I support @irl to work on BSD amateur radio software on patreon and you should too!

irl made solid progress last year and I wish him and #hambsd a ton of success in 2020.
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