The Problem. I agree with most of the points in this article. Well-done writeup.

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Note: I just found out, you can avoid pgp completely even if you want to talk to a yubikey.

* PKCS#11 is an software API to access smartcards.
* opensc implements that. and the article at uses that.
* gnupg has its own way of accessing a smartcard, as far as i understood.
* i guess, you can also use libressl/openssl for public key crypto where the key is stored on the yubikey, using opensc. But i never tried it.
* see also:


@toogley Usually, I use PGP only for email security. I gave up on GPG and smartcards long ago. Either I am to stupid or it is to complicated :)


GnuPG on smartcards is not very difficult. I guess you have to have good explanations for this to be true :D

Personally, I've used . But also exits.

Just TOTP is left to configure for me.

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